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Behind the Scenes



"For every important event, Konnie has been the only one I've trusted with my hair and makeup. There's nothing like walking out the door feeling confident and beautiful on a big day. Sometimes I think she owns a magic wand."

--Karen Happel, Casting


"I had the pleasure of working with Konnie for the first time on a music video I did a couple years ago. I am very picky about my makeup, and I was so amazed with the look she gave me. In fact, I don't trust anyone to do my makeup but her now. And as a producer, I trust her to make my on-camera talent look their best. She's great at what she does and is a consummate professional."

--Mona Barkat, Line Producer


"The ability to not have to worry because I know I'm in the hands of a perfectionist is a beautiful thing. I recommend Konnie to any and everyone I know. Trust."

--Mekia Cox, Actor


"Konnie has been my right (and in some cases my left) hand woman for most of my production career. After a lifetime helping bring my hair-brained plots to life, I think I am qualified to say: Konnie is not the Jack of all trades, she's the Queen of everything. Need a kite? No problem, almost done sewing one up. Rhinestone not sticking? Konnie's glue is better than yours. Giant chicken costume? Konnie has one in her back pocket. Honestly, I don't know how I'd get anything done with out her."

--Alice An, Producer
Candifiend Studio NY, NY


"Thank you for the amazing job you did! I will ALWAYS mention you because you ROCKED!"

--Lisa Gewerth, Bride



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